Always close to our customers

We have a global set-up with the European Engineering centre in Stuttgart.

European Engineering

Europe wide

Our global market is steadily growing and is faster and more flexible in all areas. With one of the biggest challenges today in the competition between our customers.

The engineering location in Wernau (near Stuttgart) has developed customer specific solutions for Total Europe. With an innovate team of technicians and developers, we are in the position to offer solutions for all industry needs. Due the global direction and complete developments, that are carried-out throughout the whole engineering group, we are able to offer nation-wide solutions. A constant worldwide exchange is the basis for our customers.

In addition to our Engineering teams, all technical centres and S&S centres have their own application engineers – who can react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.


  • The European engineering team is responsible for the Solution Center in Paris that has 1500m2 and the Solution Center in Wernau (Stuttgart) with 900m2. In both Solution Centers there is a total of 40 machines, constantly ready for demonstration.

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