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Hitachi Seiki Service & Parts

Within the UK, DMG Mori Seiki UK is the official Service support organization for the Hitachi Seiki brand of machine tools. We employ staff who formally worked in Hitachi Seiki UK ,we have access to original design information and manuals .Our parent company Mori Seiki Co Ltd in Japan are the owners of the Hitachi Seiki designs and employ many of the original Hitachi Seiki staff , access to staff in Japan is on a daily basis . Our current ranges of machines draw on both DMG Mori Seiki experience and the experience gained by Hitachi Seiki up to 2002 .We are regularly supplying Parts and Service for Hitachi Seiki machines in the UK market. Some parts and systems are no longer available newly manufactured, for these we supply service exchange parts sourced from the official supply chain in Japan. Other systems such as B axis servos can be replaced by kits designed by Mori Seiki specifically for the purpose of replacing equipment no longer in manufacture.

To request Parts or Service for Hitachi Seiki Parts or Hitachi Seiki Service in the UK please use all of our standard means of communication. Our support teams are dealing with enquiries for both Hitachi Seiki machines and of course DMG Mori Seiki machines. As the machines get older and at a time when production levels in the UK seem to be increasing we are hearing from many customers seeking help in machine maintenance .Our European parts store (and our other stores worldwide) holds a wide range of spares for Hitachi Seiki machines and our in house knowledge of these machines is a key element of our operations.

For any machine, tool regular maintenance is vital to the long term availability of the equipment. We offer all of the normal Parts and Service support you need for your Hitachi Seiki machines, including Preventative Maintenance and Breakdown Response and most aspects of the pages in this Service and Support section of our web site are applicable to both DMG Mori Seiki and Hitachi Seiki machines.

As the official supplier of Hitachi Seiki Parts and Hitachi Seiki Service in the UK please contact us at:



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