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Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Machines can run for extended periods with little maintenance except for refilling lubrication tanks and some housekeeping. To keep machines in a good condition long term it is appropriate to check the general condition, the geometry including spindle, change hydraulic oil and replace filters. For many years machine tool suppliers have adopted fixed PM checklists to cover all areas regardless of the machine use and the ability of the customer to carry out some of the tasks. This may have led to less machines being properly maintained.

To address this one size fits all approach DMG Mori Seiki UK now offer a multiple choice PM checklist which can be tailored. So for each PM visit there will be a basic charge and the elements of the checklist are selectable and separately priced.

We believe that preventative maintenance is the correct approach to maintaining machine capability, life and productivity. For a discussion and offer applicable to your circumstances please call:

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Preventative Maintenance request

Appropriate care and maintenance is important for machine safety and up-time, also for your confidence in the production process. Many aspects of machine care and maintenance can be carried out as part of the day to day operation and if you are unsure about the details we can train you. To help decide which items you would like us to supply, the following list and machine information will assist in quoting you.

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Machine Data:

e.g. NL2500SY

e.g. NL123XX1234

Yes Please Not Just Now Training Quote Please
Ball Bar Checks
Overview Geometry
Detailaed Geometry
per installation
Battery Change
suggest yearly
Back-up programs and system
Basic safety checks and questions
Hydraulic oil change
Drawbar force, chuck clamp check
Slideway/ballscrew visual check
Servo check/tune
Cooling fans check
Lubrication checks
Filter change
air, lubrication, hyd
Alignment of ancillary equipment
Mist filter checks
Mechanism check
e.g. toolchange
Ballscrew load checks
Slide covers check
Check counterbalance
Coolant system check
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