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DMG MORI's Original technology rewriting the history of machine tools.


In response to customer’s demands, which are continuously evolving, we strive to stay ahead of technology. With four DMG MORI original technologies the company is rewriting history.

DCG® Driven in the Center of Gravity

Controls vibration, the main factor preventing high speed and high precision, by pushing structural components at their center of gravity with a twin drive using 2 ball screws.

Effects of DCG

  • Improved surface quality
  • Outstanding acceleration
  • Improved roundness
  • Longer tool life

DDM® Direct Drive Motor

Achieves zero backlashes by transmitting the drive power directly to the rotary axes. Compared with conventional systems, this dramatically improves transmission efficiency and offers high-speed feed.

Effects of DDM

  • High-speed rotation
  • High-precision indexing
  • Less maintenance
  • Longer product life

BMT® Built-in Motor Turret

The motor is placed inside the turret to keep heat generation and vibration to a minimum, improving transmission efficiency and significantly increasing machining accuracy and cutting power.

Effects of BMT

  • Improved milling power
  • Improved milling accuracy
  • Controls the turret’s heat and vibration

ORC® Octagonal Ram Construction

The 4 slideways are located diagonally from each other, so they distort symmetrically in response to the heat generated by high-speed travel, and the center stays in the same position. This allows high-speed and high-precision feed.

Effects of ORC

  • Superior damping characteristics
  • Controls thermal displacement
  • Allows high-speed, high-precision feed

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